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04 Mar

Lobby Call: O Moldy Night

Sun, Mar 04, 2018

The Art (and Consumption) of Shaped Food Traditions in the 21st Century


An exhibition of contemporary molded foods crafted by award-winning chefs, artists, and home cooks. Think statuesque salads, (m)old fashioned cocktails, and head cheese on a pedestal. Ass jiggling tunes by Night Beast. Molds by The Lakewood, Escazú, The Pig, Panciuto, Neal’s Deli, a beloved grandmother, and more. Molded merch for sale by Parker & Otis.


5:00–6:30 PM: A moldy viewing
6:30–7:00 PM: A moldy devouring + a presentation of awards with Master of Congeals Trevor Schoonmaker (of the Nasher Museum of Art)

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Curated by Kate Elia, Emily Wallace, and Kate Medley.