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16 Feb

SwitchPoint Meet-Up on the Roof

Tue, Feb 16, 2016

Join us on Tuesday to see a drone, courtesy of Ted Richardson Media, filming the scene and buzzing the rooftop. Grab a drink at the cash bar, mingle with SwitchPoint alumni from near and far, and don’t be surprised if the Sacrificial Poets erupt in a spontaneous and moving performance. Tinker with some tech innovations, see the latest designs from Miraclefeet, and show us your next great idea to save the world using Legos.


SwitchPoint focuses on great ideas, tools, and people making a real difference in the world in areas such as humanitarian innovation, global health, and technology. The conference seeks collaboration among unusual parties, bringing together the brightest thinkers and entrepreneurs from multiple industries to innovate and collaborate on solutions to critical issues.


Hosted by IntraHealth International.