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19 Oct

The Instrumental Wax Project

Fri, Sep 21, 2018 to Fri, Oct 19, 2018

This month, we have partnered with artist Ashley Swindoll and the Downtown Durham, Inc. Public Space Project for a temporary installation in our adjacent Holland St alley. Swindoll’s unique sculptural works employ wire, archival beeswax and discarded musical instruments to bring life to marching musical insects, eerie glowing cocoons and sprouting magical mushrooms. Over time, the whimsical scene will evolve as the creatures move, crawl, scale and burrow their way through the city.


The Public Space Project is focused on retaining and supporting the creative and artistic cultures of Durham and upholding public spaces of convergence. It encourages collaborative, thought-provoking and unifying rather than divisive work. This installation represents the second of a three-part pilot program aligned with Durham’s Third Friday art walk.


Ashley Swindoll is a conceptual visual artist based in Hillsborough, NC, whose work uses mixed media to create art pieces that provoke her audience to reflect on emotional and mental wellness. Originally from Oregon, she attended Oregon State University for sculpture, painting and art history and has been showing her work internationally for 14 years. Her artistic process combines digging into the emotional landscape that life experiences offer. Through materials like paint, metal, encaustic wax, found objects and canvas, she has been able to channel creativity in a way that provides powerful healing and aesthetically pleasing bodies of work.