The Durham Rate – 48 hr cancellation

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The Durham Rate – 48 hr cancellation

We know it’s hard to commit to travel right now. Get 48-hour cancellation and:

  • Counter Culture Coffee delivered to your door each morning
  • Bottled water & Burt’s Bees welcome gift
  • Complimentary WiFi


Our COVID-19 Response: Rest assured, we are committed to cleanliness. In guest rooms and public spaces, we use CDC-recommended disinfectants and frequently clean high-touch areas like the front desk, elevator buttons, door handles, bathrooms, and even room keys. Housekeepers undergo a wellness check before the start of work each day and change gloves after cleaning each guest room. In addition, we are rotating guest rooms every 72 hours when possible; this means the room you check into will not have been occupied for at least three days. Click to read our full Commitment to Cleanliness.


See Cancel Policy for Full Terms of Guarantee and Cancel